Expedition Package

Join us on an expedition like no other.

Arrive in Los Cabos where an A/C shuttle will pick you up and transport you to beautiful La Paz, Mexico located on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. At night you will stay at one of the best hotels La Paz has to offer, while during the day be on crystal clear water and interact with some of rarest and largest marine life in the world. Whale shark snorkels and sea lion interaction swims are just a couple of activities you will experience on a LSF expedition. Enjoy delicious locally made food for breakfast and lunch while sipping on refreshing beverages throughout the day. Learn during our evening information lectures back at the hotel about the local ecology and current conservation laws.

-6 Nights at the 7 Crown Hotel-Malecon

-Breakfast, snacks, beverages and lunch all provided in the mornings and during expeditions. All foods are adapted to individual dietary preferences as well as made locally!

-5 Full days (9am-5pm*) safely interacting with whale sharks, sea lions, whales, various sea birds, dolphins, mobula rays and other rare marine animals.

-Each expedition includes a full crew of local experts, a safety officer as well as your own personal marine biologist eager to answer any questions that come up!

-Evening lectures starting at 7-9pm* featuring the biology and ecology of the animals we interacted with that day, as well as the conservation and laws surrounding them in the area.


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