Established in 2017,

LSF was formed in order to educate people of these amazing marine ecosystems and to help them further understand the overwhelming conditions they go through due to human activities.

With hands on experiences creating memories and understanding, LSF’s researchers and employees work closely with tourists, students and businesses to ensure education and conservation for these precious ecosystems.

As LSF continues to grow and further its reach so will our goals and efforts expand globally. We are ready to change the way you see the ocean.

Your LSFexpedition Team!


What We Stand For

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LSF takes a multidisciplinary approach to the conservation of marine organisms by providing education and in-field research to people worldwide, giving them hands on experiences with important ecosystems and ocean processes.

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The marine ecosystem is changing more rapidly than ever before. Coral bleaching due to ocean acidification, declining fish stocks from over-fishing, invasive species introduction through pet trade, marine mammal reduction from oil spills and barren benthic communities from reckless trawling. These are just a handful of processes that greatly impact the Earth’s oldest and largest biome, the ocean.


"Our past, our present, and whatever remains of our future, absolutely depend on what we do now."

— Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Meet The LSFexpedition Crew


Bryce Gunning

Head Marine Biologist

Bryce has always been fascinated by the natural world, and growing up on an island on the West side of Canada he was able to immerse himself in it. As soon as he had his PADI Jr. Open water certification he hasn’t been able to shake the addicting feeling of exploring beneath the waves. Bryce was determined while growing up that he wanted to study fish so much so that soon all of his signatures would feature a little fish at the end. His family shared his passion and would book trips to dive destinations such as the Red Sea, the Tropics, Indo-Pacific, Central America and the Indian Ocean, where Bryce would devour the local fish I.D guides and instantly start cataloging the photos he took.


Guri Sejzer

Head Safety Officer

Born in Israel, Guri moved with his family to Argentina at age 10. Among his many varied interests (drawing, electro-mechanics, martial arts, open water swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, hiking …) Guri decided to develop his passion for lifesaving and public safety, professionally. Since 2004, Guri has been providing professional services as an ocean lifeguard, lake lifeguard, river lifeguard and on occasions at pools as well, internationally. Guri is not only a career open water lifeguard, but also a rescue diver, a dive master, a swiftwater rescue technician and a CPR/AED/O2/First-Aid instructor -among other credentials he holds. Guri and Bryce have been working together on marine expeditions in the Gulf of California since 2015, sharing a passion for sea life and the underwater world with a common goal of offering safer and better citizen science expeditions in the region. Which led to the birth of LSF Expeditions.


Landon Copplestone

Photographer & Multimedia Editor

Visual story telling through photography. A good story is something that resonates with people long after their exposure to it. As a photographer, Landon Copplestone has always desired to create art that tugs at the trench coats of curiosity, and in turn gives the audience something that they can take away from it. He has traveled around the world capturing landscape and lifestyle photographs, and through these ever changing scopes, he has trained his eye to become more diverse. Most importantly, he has always and continues to make sure that his morals align with his work (ecologically and ethically).


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