Team LSF

Bryce Gunning

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Guri Sejzer

Marine Safety Head & Local Guide

Nico Zimmermann

Videographer & Editor

Taylor Bagwell

Web Developer

Bryce Gunning


Bryce has always been fascinated by the natural world, and growing up on an island on the West side of Canada he was able to immerse himself in it. As soon as he had his PADI Jr. Open water certification he hasn’t been able to shake the addicting feeling of exploring beneath the waves. Bryce was determined while growing up that he wanted to study fish so much so that soon all of his signatures would feature a little fish at the end. His family shared his passion and would book trips to dive destinations such as the Red Sea, the Tropics, Indo-Pacific, Central America and the Indian Ocean where Bryce would devour the local fish I.D guides and instantly start cataloging the photos he took.

He graduated highschool and started volunteering and interning for different environmental organizations. His first official internship was in the Cayman Islands where he tagged, sampled and released Sea Turtles for the Department of Environment. After meeting so many top researchers in Cayman he discovered that one of the best ways to protect marine animals was through public outreach. Over the next 2 years he would work with youth and educators in the community putting together an experience that would light the fire in upcoming generations and to form a trip where he could share his passion for the marine world.

Fun fact: Got Gold at the Cheese Olympics on Maui, Hawaii in 2002

Favorite animal: Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Guri Sejzer


Born in Israel, Guri moved with his family to Argentina at age 10. Among his many varied interests (drawing, electro-mechanics, martial arts, open water swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, hiking …) Guri decided to develop his passion for lifesaving and public safety, professionally.

Since 2004, Guri has been providing professional services as an ocean lifeguard, lake lifeguard, river lifeguard and on occasions at pools as well, internationally. Guri is not only a career open water lifeguard, but also a rescue diver, a dive master, a swiftwater rescue technician and a CPR/AED/O2/First-Aid instructor -among other credentials he holds.

Guri founded GLC Services & Supplies and its Aquatic Safety Dept. (“ASD”) in 2003 which provides operational, training and consultancy services in Patagonia (Argentina), California (USA) and in the Baja California Peninsula (Mexico). He is a Mexican permanent resident and has been living in La Paz, Baja California Sur since 2011.

In addition to providing water safety services at public beaches, private resorts, clubs, camps, yacht parties, private events, sport events, documentaries and film sets, GLC Aquatic Safety Dept. has been providing marine safety services to shipboard expeditions since 2009 in both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), specializing in youth marine science programs with an unmatchable expertise in this unique field.

Guri and Bryce have been working together on marine expeditions in the Gulf of California since 2015, sharing a passion for sea life and the underwater world with a common goal of offering safer and better citizen science expeditions in the region. Which led to the birth of LSF Expeditions.

Fun fact: He has addiction to chocolate

Favourite animal: Bottlenose Dolphin

Nico Zimmermann


Hello world! Nicolas Zimmermann is an adventurer / visual artist / life liver from Switzerland. He grew up around the city of Lausanne which is located right next to one of the biggest lakes in Switzerland: Lake Leman. Growing up, he used to travel around the world with his parents which slowly increased his thirst for adventures. Today, his life pretty much sums up to roaming around the planet, climbing mountains, jumping off cliffs, kayaking along beautiful rivers, rippin' on dirtbikes and capturing it all to turn epic moments into lifetime memories and original visuals.

Nicolas studied sports at college. Working beside his studies allowed him to spare money and spend it all on travels. That way, he kept on roaming around the world, with a camera instead of his parents this time. He slowly learnt more and more about capturing moments and turning them into amazing visuals. Today he is a professional travel / adventure video maker. But he remains an explorer before being an artist. Indeed, his love for adventures took him to videography and not the opposite.

Nicolas’s biggest achievement at this time has to be his Indonesia edit (linked here) where his girlfriend and him spent a month exploring Indonesia. He spent a week in the deep jungle of Sumatra, looking for wild orangutans, sleeping on the ground and boiling water straight from the river to have a drink. After that they went to Komodo National Park to dive with sharks and manta rays and, of course, to meet the last living dragons. They finally headed to the beautiful island of Bali to chase some of the most beautiful waterfalls and temples of the entire world. He captured it all and, after a month of hard work behind the computer, he turned this epic adventure into his best video this far! He has worked for different backpack and clothing brands that support his work as well as with different travel and environmental agencies around the world.

Nico’s favorite animals have to be sharks. He’s been passionate about these beautiful creatures since he was a young boy. “The day I first saw a thresher shark will remain forever in my mind. We woke up at 4:30AM in our tiny room on Malapascua Island in the Philippines. After a 2 minute walk, we reached the beach and headed to the bangka to leave the ground and head to Monad Shoal, the only place on earth where you can be nearly 100 percent sure to see thresher sharks. These beautiful creatures live at about 200-300m deep because they don't like light. They only go up to the "cleaning stations" at dawn to get rid of the bacteria on their skin thanks to the little fish that eat them. We jumped in the water at 5AM, went 30m down and then the magic happened. We sat on the sand and waited. After a few minutes, we could slowly see shapes appearing and disappearing in the far black sea. A few minutes later, we had to slowly go back up as our no-decompression limit was decreasing. As we were, ascending, I suddenly looked above my right shoulder and saw an amazingly beautiful thresher shark just a few meters from me. We then kneeled down at about 18m and just admired this beautiful creature that was slowly circling around us. Time literally stopped. This is the most precious memory I can cherish to this day. After that, we went back up, reached the boat and headed back to the island. While on the boat, I was just speechless, thinking about what we just had the chance to live and at that time, I told myself: "I want to see the world and make anything in my power to protect it".

From then onwards, he worked hard to create content that would make people feel the same as he felt that day. If people can tell themselves the same sentence he told himself that day thanks to the videos he can create, then he is achieving his dream. He now knows what makes him happy is to: create visuals to change people's mind and make them aware of the fact that nothing is as beautiful as planet earth and that it’s not our right but our duty to protect it before it’s too late!

Fun Fact: A fun fact about Nico is his nickname: Zimy Da Kid. With he was younger people at school used to shorten his last name to Zimy, but where did “Da Kid” come from? “I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy or a pirate and always loved doing foul-hardy things. Everybody knows this famous wild west outlaw called « Billy The Kid ». That way it slowly became Zimy Da Kid. The toys and the cliffs we jump off just got bigger but in the end, I’ll always remain a kid…”

He is also looking for a pizza eating partner, as his girlfriend doesn’t want to eat pizza for every meal. You can find and follow Nico on his journey with LSFexpeditions as well as his side adventures on his social media handles below!

Taylor Bagwell


Taylor Bagwell is a full stack developer based in Northern Virginia. Being a full stack developer means Taylor is experienced in building front-end applications, or what you see as the user, and back-end platforms, or what you don't see like services and databases. Taylor grew up in Harrisonburg, VA and then later moved to the Northern Virginia area right before he turned 20. He always grew up knowing he wanted to be an engineer. As a kid, he'd build the most random contraptions out of everyday household items. But it wasn't until he took his first programming class in High School, which taught HTML and some C++, that he knew he wanted to be a software engineer/developer. Today his life is pretty much divided between being a software engineer for a company called Leidos, a freelance developer and bodybuilding!

Taylor studied Computer Science at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. All through college he mainted a part-time, and later full-time job, while completing his degree. So he's always been a dedicated hard worker. Although obtaining a degree gave him a vast amount of knowledge about computer science and programming it wasn't quite enough to get anywhere in today's advancing and competitive market. So in his free time Taylor started learn more modern technologies and languages that a lot of companies are using. This includes: VB.NET/C#, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and AWS (Gateway, Lambda, EC2, Route 53, etc.). Today Taylor is very proficient with the Microsoft .NET Stack as well as the common webpage languages and continues to build on his AWS knowledge. Recently Taylor even took an interest in React which is an extremely common Javascript framework used to build web applications/sites and native applications. But software engineering isn't all that Taylor is passionate about.

Taylor is also highly engaged in bodybuilding. As a kid he'd go to the gym pretty often with his Dad and get a decent workout in. So going to the gym was something he grew up doing. However in his teenage years he stopped going as much. It wasn't until he started college that he started picking back up the weights but this time with a different mentality. He caught on to the sport of bodybuilding and fell in love with it. Over the years Taylor has put on quality muscle and strength and continues to push each and every week to obtain a better physique.

Taylor is kind of basic in the sense that his favorite animal is a dog (LOL). But it's only because his family dog, Reba, has melted his heart and he's created a strong bond with her. He's had Reba in the family for nearly 10 years now and not a day goes by where his day isn't brightened by her. He feels the phrase "a dog is man's best friend" is an understatement because they go above and beyond that. They somehow know something is wrong with you when you're down and will immediately try and cheer you up. They listen when you have no one around to talk to. They're always so excited to see you when you come home. So Taylor's favorite animal is a dog solely because of how much they can resemble your best friend in a furry, sometimes little animal.