About LSF Expeditions

Our Vision

We are committed to achieving a sustainable future for the world’s oceans, where marine organisms thrive in a highly productive and healthy marine ecosystem.

Our Mission

LSF takes a multidisciplinary approach to the conservation of marine organisms by providing education and in-field research to people worldwide, giving them hands on experiences with important ecosystems and ocean processes.

Our Motivation

The marine ecosystem is changing more rapidly than ever before. Coral bleaching due to ocean acidification, declining fish stocks from over-fishing, invasive species introduction through pet trade, marine mammal reduction from oil spills and barren benthic communities from reckless trawling. These are just a handful of processes that greatly impact the Earth’s oldest and largest biome, the ocean.

LSF was formed in 2017 to educate people of these amazing marine ecosystems and to help them further understand the overwhelming conditions they go through due to human activities. With hands on experiences creating memories and understanding, LSF’s researchers and employees work closely with tourists, student and businesses to ensure education and conservation for these precious ecosystems. As LSF continues to grow and further its reach so will our goals and efforts expand globally.